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Ryal Bush 11 Feb 56 – in front on right #37 Mrs June Monk Triumph TR2, #14 J.B. Moodie Jay Jay Special, #20 Irving Hayes Jaguar XK120, #35 R. McDonald Allard J2 – photo via Graham Woods

1956 – XK120s, MKVIIs, C-Type, and Jaguar-powered cars aplenty Ardmore 7 Jan 56 - At the NZIGP meeting held at Ardmore on 7 Jan 56, there were a number of cars with Jaguar engines: Englishman Leslie Marr entered a Connaught B-type (Chassis B3) fitted with a...

Ardmore 9 Jan 54 – from the left, #31 Don Sutherland De Soto Special, #27 Bill Lee Cooper MKVI-JAP, #32 Ray Archibald Jaguar XK120 – photo by Ross Tillson in Jim Barclay Collection
Jaguar: A Racing History in New Zealand. Part 2 1954-1955

1954 – the Archibald XK120, a MkV saloon, an XK120C (C-Type), and Jaguar engines power other cars   Scott Thomson in his book ‘Up to Speed’, at page 179, said under the title ‘Where to Next?’:- “Even the fastest sports cars, the Jaguars, were now hopelessly...

Mairehau 3 Feb 51 – Ron Roycroft Jaguar XK120 photo Scott Thomson’s book `Up to Speed’ page 124
Jaguar: A Racing History in New Zealand. Part 1 – 1950–1953

Part 1 – 1950–1953   This is ‘A Jaguar Racing History in NZ’, not ‘The Jaguar Racing History in NZ’, so it is not meant in any way to be an exhaustive story about every Jag that raced in every event in New Zealand!  Instead, I...