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A 75 Sqn Skyhawk TA4K at low level on the Crow Valley weapons range, Ex Cope Thunder 84-7 – US DoD photo in ‘Skyhawks’, pg 115
RNZAF 75 Sqn Overseas Deployment

RNZAF 75 Sqn overseas deployment for Ex Vanguard 84, and Ex Cope Thunder 84-7 13 Aug 84 to 25 Sep 84 – written in 2024 by (then) Wg Cdr Jim Barclay, CO 75 Sqn From the mid-1950s with leased Royal Air Force (RAF) Vampires and Venom aircraft,...

From left -Sqn Ldr Nick Pedley (14 Sqn), Sqn Ldr Gordon Alexander (CO 14 Sqn), Wg Cdr Jim Barclay (OC Strike Wing) being congratulated by Sqn Ldr John Duxfield (Strike Wing Exec Officer), Wg Cdr Frank Sharp (CO 75 Sqn) and Skyhawk TA4K NZ6251 in the background – photo RNZAF OH G2540-87
My Final A4 Skyhawk Flight

My final RNZAF flight as an aircraft captain was on 11th December 1987 from RNZAF Base Ohakea, wherein I flew a two-seater Skyhawk TA4K NZ6251, with passenger LAC Glen Edwards in the back seat. The purpose of my flight was to be a ‘Red Air...

Feature RNZAF Skyhawk Camouflaged Drop Tanks
Skyhawk stories – Drop Tanks and a Flash-fire

A4 painted drop tanks - what some may think is ‘useless’ information – a photo of Skyhawk A4K NZ6208 at Ohakea carrying the first set of drop tanks with camouflage paint applied to the top part of the tank. Since we had had the Skyhawks...