Singapore family stories
A Spoiled Cup of Tea

Years ago, I lived in Singapore with my husband and family from 1973 until the end of 1975. My husband was in the airforce and we were allocated very nice home in Medway Park, one of many former British ‘raj’ housing estates....

Oscar, The Baron of Maungaraki

In about 1993, Oscar was born into this world as the mightiest of his litter. His roving father had set him up with superb genes - his Dad, afterall, had all the best attributes that were far superior to even the finest of the legendry...

Merv The Gnome
Merv – My exciting holiday at Ohakea 1987

Gidday.  My name is Merv.  I’m a Gnome.  I was created in 1986 by craftsmen at the gnome factory in Bulls, New Zealand. When they saw me at the factory shop it was love at first sight for the Barclay girls from Ohakea – Tracey,...