NZFMR 2012 BMW Festival

Chris Amon Bmw3.0CSL

1973 Ex-Works Amon/Stuck BMW 3.0CSL 'Batmobile' Owner: BMW Museum, Germany This BMW 3.0CSL was driven by Chris Amon and Hans Stuck as part of a two-car BMW ‘works’ team of BMW CSL cars entered in the eight-round 1973 European Touring Car Championship (ETCC). This story covers a...

1987 BMW M3 Gpa Dtm
1987 BMW M3

Group A DTM | Owner: BMW Museum, Germany Development of the BMW M3 Group A resulted in a competition car that was to carry off more victories in subsequent years than any other car in its class. In the course of its first season, Roberto Ravaglia...

1984 JPS BMW 635CSI Group A
JPS BMW 635CSI Group A

1984 Ex-Jim Richards | JPS BMW 635CSI Group A | Owner: Peter Sturgeon, Christchurch Peter Sturgeon’s 1984 BMW 635CSi Group A car is one of those built by Frank Gardner’s JPS-backed team for the Australian Group A Touring Car Championships. The car was driven in 1984...